Why Floor Graphics are Gaining in Popularity in Atlanta

Why Floor Graphics are Gaining in Popularity in Atlanta

See for yourself just how effective Floor Graphic POP really can be.

Businesses are putting point-of-purchase messages at their customer’s feet with amazing results.

All surfaces are fair game for product and/or service promotion and floor graphics have become POP leaders due to their unique ability to catch the eye.

Most people are becoming desensitized to most of the traditional POP advertising. However, floor graphics work because customers are always looking down: whether they are reaching into their pockets or purses, talking on their mobile phones, texting, or simply watching where they walk. This is major leverage in getting customer attention from which every type of business can benefit… so floor graphics are widely gaining in popularity.

For best effect, graphic designers create clever and realistic designs such as spilled paint, manholes, footprints, cracked tile or spilled office supplies to name a few. Customers love novelty and these types of graphics seem to attract the most attention. For a moment they think what they are seeing on the floor is actually real. It draws them in, forcing them to look long enough to read the incorporated promotional message.

To pull this off, realism is the key. They must be produced in rich, photo-quality color with advanced digital printing capabilities. Ask your sales representative to show you some floor graphic samples and then let your imagination go wild in designing your own.

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