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Marketing & Advertising
The Color Spot works in tandem with ad agencies to bring their client’s brands to life. Whether the campaign is local or national, our clients utilize The Color Spot to help theme and create unique environments for their marketing and advertising media.

The Color Spot can produce site signage of almost any length desired, and the durable materials will withstand the elements and continue to be a positive reflection of your company throughout the duration of your project.

The wide array of graphics services offered by The Color Spot such as black & white document enlargements, large format color visuals and design services can help to communicate your message with the greatest impact on your audience.

The Color Spot encompasses the right design equipment and experience to provide you with all of your restaurant graphic needs, such as vehicle wraps, banners, signs, or floor, counter, table, wall, menus, event branding, catering, and window graphics. We help our clients drive customers to their restaurants and once inside, increase their average ticket totals.

The Color Spot is an expert at designing and executing creative store layouts which will attract your target audience and entice them to purchase the promotional merchandise.

The Color Spot has worked with some of the nation’s most prestigious museums to provide specialty finishing and custom projects. We work inside the museum creating the most eye popping exhibits imaginable. On the outside, we use state of the art printing and materials to entice visitors to come inside and see for themselves.
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