Time Lapse Video of Coke Delivery Truck Being Wrapped

Time Lapse Video of Coke Delivery Truck Being Wrapped

This is a time lapse video of a fleet vinyl wrap we did for Coca-Cola. We installed this particular wrap in our Atlanta Facility, though most fleet wraps require us to do out-of-town installs. And that’s our specialty…fleet branding nationwide.

When Coke asked The Color Spot to match the red in the vinyl print to the red on the cab of the vehicle…we were up for the challenge. Of course, our fantastic production crew matched the color perfectly: a very important aspect of working with customers like Coca-Cola who have large fleets. It’s also extremely important that any fleet vinyl wrap we produce must match every other wrap we have printed and installed for that client. Having the latest printing and imaging technology in the industry really helps.

This video was shot over the course of two days. The Color Spot’s Installation Manager mostly tackled this project by himself. His installation methods have been field tested for the last 9 years, and without a doubt…his installs are not just wraps…they are clearly works of art.

Notice that the wrap is installed from the back to the front of the vehicle. There is a very good reason for this. Each vinyl panel is overlapped in tiles much like the scales on a snake…(with snake scales you can smoothly run your hand from the head to the tail, but not vice-versa). This is to prevent dirt from getting under its scales during travel. The same principle applies here…overlapping the vinyl from back to front keeps wind from getting under the panel and causing bubbling on the wrap. It seems like a small detail, but at 65 mph the wind is something every certified installer at The Color Spot takes into consideration while wrapping a vehicle.

Enjoy the video and call us at 678-385-2188 if you have any questions.

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