Point-of-Purchase (POP) graphics offer a value added experience to your potential client. Retailers rely on these displays as a last opportunity to capture consumers’ attention and to quickly close a sale. These can be the key to impact a buying decision for a specific brand or product for your client.

Point of Purchase

POP Displays and graphics continue to become one of the most important parts of any promotion and advertising campaign.

We can print on countless surfaces including: ceiling tiles, glass, counter tops, bar tops, plexi-glass, foam board, plastics, metals, doors, canvas, and more to ensure your POP graphics pop and capture your customers attention no matter where they look. Whether you are a retailer, restaurant, apparel merchant, automotive dealer, supply store, convenience store, grocery store, music and video store, tobacco retailer, toy store, sports/ hobby store, or liquor distributor, The Color Spot offers products to help promote your brand.

The Point-of-Purchase Advertising Institute predicts that in-store advertising accounts for up to 60 percent of consumer purchases. By utilizing the eye catching POP large format print capabilities from The Color Spot you will offer an added benefit to your clients and your bottom line.


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