Floor Graphics in Advertising

Floor Graphics in Advertising

Today’s customers are bombarded by so many billboards and Point of Purchase (POP) promotions that they are becoming desensitized to the effects of standardized advertising strategies. However, with the rising popularity of cell phone usage (calling, texting, web surfing and gaming: all activities in which we look down) advertisers have found a smarter, less in-your-face messaging alternative that’s getting the lion’s share of impressions… it’s at our feet.

No longer are windows and walls the only hot real estate for getting a message to a targeted audience. Franchises such as HOM Furniture Brands, Ikea, and Bypass Mobile along with brands such as Coca-Cola, Scott’s and Sudafed have turned to floor graphics; revering them as the ace up their marketing sleeves. Ads that blend in, appearing to be part of the floor as well as those that incorporate clever usage of stairs and sloped surfaces garner the most attention from customers both current and prospective.

In his article, “The Psychology of the Floor” (2008,) Dr. Joseph S. King regards the floor as “potentially a most useful source of advertising information.” Dr. King argues that people, as if by reflex, are hard wired to periodically reorient themselves by looking down at the floor or ground. It is on this natural means of focus in which advertisers should capitalize by including relevant messages that impact consumers at the point of decision. In effective advertising, he points out that “a shopper’s attention is redirected toward the source of stimulation. What they find there is another matter that is explored later.” Floor graphics merely grease the wheels for attention redirecting.

With recent developments in vinyl and overlaminate technology, getting an eye-catching floor graphic is easier and more affordable than ever. Companies such as 3M and Safari have developed non-slip traction overlaminates that not only protect the graphic, but the customers that walk over them as well; even in wet conditions.

Industry experts believe that the greatest technological advances are in the adhesives. Floor graphics are more cost effective, easier to apply, and come in a range of adhesion for various needs and surfaces. Whether for short term or long, hard wood floor or pavement, inexpensive installation without adhesive damage to the surface has caused the largest resurgence ever in floor graphics appeal.

Further, there are no limits on what promotions are best served by floor graphics. Products, services, branding, public service messages, political positions, concerts, events, movies, and trade shows, to name a few, can all benefit handsomely from the incorporation of floor graphics into an overall advertising strategy. With proven effectiveness and market flexibility, perhaps it’s time we all take another look at what lies beneath our feet.

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