Custom Chrome Decals

Custom Chrome Decals

Are you personalizing your vehicle? While there are a variety of options, most tend to overlook those finishing touches that can make all the difference in the look and feel of your vehicle. While you’re picking out car mats, stereo systems and tinted windows, why not also consider custom vinyl decals from The Color Spot?

There is an upswing in the number of people using vehicle decals and emblems – especially chrome decals due to the increasing popularity of chrome engine parts and interior/exterior components. Getting a great custom look for your vehicle is easier than you think.

Digital printers, like The Color Spot, produce a product that has the appearance of embossed metal … but at much lower costs and with greater image options. Its lighter weight than metal so you know it won’t slow down your ride if you want to personalize multiple areas on your vehicle. The decals are made from high impact plastic and vinyl through a proprietary embossing process then custom die cut. The result is a competitive price on a premium decorative product that truly makes your vehicle pop.

If you can dream it, it can be printed on the chrome adhesive and easily mounted onto the interior, exterior, and even under the hood of your vehicle. Display your personal tastes from your favorite cartoon character to your own custom logo.

No matter what you’re trying to convey, think outside the box a little. Place your custom chrome decal on your dashboard or the inside of your doors. You can even wrap with these decals so you can cover your stick shift handle.

On the exterior there is much more freedom for creativity. The rear of the vehicle is the most obvious place such as above the license plate or next to the manufacturers fitted emblem. However, there are so many great places on your vehicle exterior that would look amazing with a chrome decal or wrap so use your imagination.

Whether an SUV, Bus, Boat, or Motorcycle, you can make excellent use of this great product. Have fun customizing your vehicle with the premium look of embossed silver decals. For more information and an online quote, visit us at

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