Can a Vehicle Wrap Save a Struggling Small Business?

Can a Vehicle Wrap Save a Struggling Small Business?

Can a Vehicle Wrap Save a Struggling Small Business?
Times are getting better but they are still tough for ‘the little guy’. Many of the local small businesses that managed to survive the worst of the economic drought find themselves running out of stored capital just when we are all starting to see more rain.

Even with popularity and great service quality, small businesses are uniquely challenged to generate back-yard advertising. Word-of-mouth is still the best advertising, but is usually the smallest slice of the promotional pie. Meanwhile, the costs of printed ads are steadily climbing and the influenced audience size is not as great as it could be. Fortunately, there is a highly effective and cost prohibitive option for local Georgia businesses that are struggling to keep their head above water: the vehicle wrap.

A vehicle wrap is one of the least expensive forms of long-term promotion available in Metro Atlanta. It’s highly effective in reaching large, local audiences; and most importantly, it’s uncomplicated from start to finish. A good vehicle wrap has one of the highest ROI rates in respect to investment… and that’s a one-time investment. This is great news for the struggling small business.

Auto wraps are common in North Georgia because of their increased effectiveness in Atlanta Metro area in comparison to rural areas. The area is a vast network of highways and streets that make it necessary for residents to spend extra time commuting. Street advertising is more common in Metro Atlanta; however, high volumes are accumulating in prime locations and the consumer eye can’t possibly take in all of it during a drive by. A poster or sign so easily gets lost in the clutter.

Seeing that this is the case, local businesses have a great opportunity to promote on the roadways themselves. By applying vehicle wraps to their vehicles, nearby companies can simultaneously proceed with daily operations AND advertise. It’s a traveling billboard that goes wherever the driver is doing business… and the payoffs are extraordinary.

We hear from clients all the time who tell us that their new vehicle wrap saved their business. With potential for greatly improving a company’s bottom line, it’s simply wise investing to purchase a well-designed vehicle wrap for the company vehicle(s.)

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