8 Steps to Applying Pre-Masked Die-Cut Vinyl Graphics to Your Vehicle

8 Steps to Applying Pre-Masked Die-Cut Vinyl Graphics to Your Vehicle

Applying vinyl graphics to your vehicle doesn’t have to be a mystery. We recommend that you get a pro to do the install for you. However, if you are a do-it-yourself-er or on a budget the steps are simple, you merely need some patience and a semi steady hand.

What you need:

1. Environment: Install your vinyl graphic in temperatures between 50 and 90 degrees F and move the vehicle into an area that is safe from wind and other weather variables.

2. Cleaning: Choose where on your vehicle you want to place your vinyl and use a solvent to clean the surface of any wax, soil, or grease. Rinse with clean water and then use rubbing alcohol to remove any remaining solvent. Do a final cleaning by buffing the surface with a clean, water-dampened cloth and allow it to dry.

3. The Fluid: Fill a spray bottle with water and add 1/4 squirt of liquid hand soap (do not use dish washing liquid.) The soap will keep the graphic from sticking prematurely. Put too much and it will work against you by causing the vinyl to take too long to cure.

4. Apply the Graphic: Spray the application area with the fluid mix. Peel back the release liner and gently position your graphic onto your vehicle. Starting from the center and working your way to the outside, use a squeegee to remove unwanted air bubble and excess fluid from underneath the vinyl. For larger pieces, we recommend that you peel and squeegee only a few feet at a time.

5. Removing the Transfer Tape: Remove the transfer tape from the graphic and your vehicle by pulling it back on itself at a 180 degree angle. Watch for any lifting vinyl. If it pulls up with the tape reapply that area, allow it to cure a few seconds longer and start again.

6. Quality Control: Squeegee the vinyl graphic again and inspect for air bubble. Any stubborn bubbles can be released by pricking it with a pin and pushing the air out by hand.

7. Trimming: use a sharp razor blade or single edge blade to trim the vinyl wherever needed (such as key holes, door openings and fender breaks.) Avoid scoring the vehicle by applying very light pressure. Most openings should be trimmed back away from the edges at least 1/8 of an inch.

8. Dry: use a clean dry cloth to absorb any remaining solution.

Vinyl application requires a degree of dexterity and concentration. If you feel you cannot apply your graphic yourself give The Color Spot a call at 678-385-2188 and we can install for a reasonable price.

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